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Whom to select as my partner?

P.ZONE Trading values strategic partnerships and build them on a solid foundation of trust, mutual respect, and transparency

Why Choose us?

We honor clients through a well-acquainted, committed team that manages overall logistics in a timely manner.
With their expertise and market insights, our sales team strives to achieve your goals by assigning the suitable distribution channels to your products.
Across P.ZONE, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values and our networks foster your products to reach their full potential.

How will I deliver my products?

We have a well-defined approach to get your products delivered to Egypt.

Logistics Process

Reviewing the nature of the client's products.
Analyzing local markets, finding market opportunities for your products, as well as give products recommendations to suit market taste
Identifying commercially-suitable distribution channels.
Adopting a warehouse-to-warehouse approach in terms of; legalization, finalizing shipping documents, custom clearance, internal transportation to local warehouse
Understand and Implement Marketing Strategies
Providing consistent consumer feedback to your team

How will I reach my customers?

Marketing & Distribution Channels

We are always keen to build good relationships and have always managed to do so to the benefit of all involved.

Connection with distribution channels
Planning pricing plans and sales channels suitable for your product whether retailers class A/ B, HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, cafes & Caterings), Grocery stores, Hyper Markets, etc.
We guarantee you a safe and healthy storage for the goods.
Wide Coverage; regional & Channels
We cover Greater Cairo and Alex, so no matter what is your product's range we can sell it for you
We give full disclosure and step by step transactions as well as budget rationalizing.

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